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Our sister website dealing with family law.
Waco Criminal Defense
Our sister website dealing with criminal defense law.
Divorce in Waco
Our sister website dealing with divorce law.
Visit Waco Bankruptcy Attorney
Another website dealing with bankruptcy.
Debt Helper (preferred credit counseling)
Provides pre-bankruptcy credit counseling and post-bankrutpcy debtor education
use attorney code: TX0155 for Gary Cunha, P.C.
other approved Credit Counseling providers
this is the U.S. Trustee's official list of approved credit counseling providers
initial consultation paperwork
paperwork needed for your first appointment with us
Bankruptcy paperwork
paperwork needed to file your case
Chapter 13 Rights and Duties packet
explains the rights and duties you have if you file a Chapter 13
Chapter 7 Rights and Duties packet
explains the rights and duties you have if you file a Chapter 7
Annual Credit Report
official website to get your free annual credit report
Do Not Call
official website to register your phone on the "do not call" list or file a complaint
Internet Crime Reports
FBI site to report internet crimes, including fraudulent debt collection
Attorney Ratings AVVO
US Trustee
Stay Violation
US Bankruptcy Court
State Bar of Texas
Chuck Newton's Bankruptcy Stay Violation site
Conversion Paperwork (to convert your case from Chapter 13 to 7)
Bankruptcy Information Sheet (for 341 meeting)
Map to Waco Bankruptcy Court
Bankruptcy Reform Information
Bankruptcy Client Question Form
Map to Office
Gary Cunha, P.C., Attorney and Counselor at Law
100 N. 6th #604, Waco, TX 76701 254-752-4279
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Our sister website dealing with traffic citations and class C misdemeanors.
Waco Guns
We are also an FFL and sell guns, ammo, and firearm/prepper accessories